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Voices From The Dark

https://gofund.me/61ccffea once a soldier becomes a prisoner of war, communication with their fellow captives is key to their military and personal survival.  Vietnam POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton used a secret Military Tap Code.  By tapping on the walls, they could share intelligence as well as morale boosting camaraderie.  Airforce pilot Ron Bliss said of […]

L.T. Rice Scout Troop 52 Needs your help

https://www.vfwpost7721.org/2021/10/21/l-t-rice-scout-troop-52-needs-your-help/    Simply click on the Link to give your donation for this Scout. Hi, this is L.T. Rice of Troop 52.   Can you please help me reach my goal of paying for my camp outs and summer camp?  Please use the link below, a web page will come up where you can order popcorn […]