The VFW Military Assistance Program (MAP) is the outstretched hand between the VFW and active duty, Guard, and Reserve military units. MAP offers grants to VFW Posts who participate in military unit functions, such as sponsoring “Farewell and Welcome Home Activities,” “Family Readiness Group” events, or other sponsorship ideas.

MAP also links with VFW’s Operation Uplink and Unmet Needs programs to create an all-star team of military assistance. MAP and Operation Uplink have provided more than 200 computers to set up Internet Cafes where servicemembers’ families may e-mail their deployed loved ones.

For more information about MAP, go to: Operation Uplink

VFW Meets the Needs of Military Families

Why There’s a Need

According to the Department of Defense, our country has over 700,000 military spouses across the services – 93% of them women. Nearly half of those are married to enlisted members who make less than $20,000 a year in basic pay. When Reservists are included, these average yearly pay amounts reach alarming lows.

  • When a family’s daily challenge becomes just meeting basic needs.
  • When your spouse is serving far away from home for long periods of time.
  • When all existing means of help are exhausted.
  • It’s time for your help.

What the Program Aims to Accomplish

The VFW developed the Unmet Needs Program:

  • To help meet those unanticipated demands on the lives of our service members’ families that can’t be remedied in a timely and effective manner through existing means.
  • To provide our service members with the security of knowing that their families have additional support here at home.
  • To give Americans like you the opportunity to reach out and help the families of those serving our nation.
  • How the Program Helps Those in Need

With the help of corporate sponsors like Vermont American Power Tool Accessories, the VFW has received the funding necessary to establish the Unmet Needs Program. But as generous as they are, corporate gifts will fall short of the needs, and the program will be largely funded by individual donations.

For those families in need, the VFW Foundation provides several easy ways to apply for help:

Online applications and downloadable applications at
Direct phone assistance at 1-866-789-NEED (6333), the national headquarters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Once the military family completes the initial application, the VFW Foundation will contact the family, and then an Unmet Needs Program representative will personally review the need and process the application. If the application is approved, funds will be immediately sent to the family.