Legal Mindset for Self Defense

Tuesday, August 27th From 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

We are not attorneys. We are not your Attorneys. This is a presentation to help you mentally prepare for a really bad day in order to keep it from becoming much worse.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as an armed citizen is crucial to your survival before during and after a self-defense event. We will dive into a deeper understanding how situational awareness works. What to (and not to) say to 911. What to (and not to) say to the arriving Law Enforcement officers. How to develop a mental plan so your self-defense scenario won’t feel like something that is difficult to navigate. We will discuss some examples of unintended consequences, that result from what would have been otherwise legal use of self-defense. We will discuss the relevancy of skills with firearms and other self-defense skills.
Sign up online at The Cost is $20 If you preregister online use the discount code VFW for a 50% discount.

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