Creation a Formal Ritual Team

Hello Fellow VFW’s Post-7721 Members,

Your VFW’s Post-7721 has assembled a “Formal Ritual Team,” which will conduct ceremonial functions in a way, that will effectively dramatize the basic principles on which, the VFW’s is founded and Post-7721.

The Ritual Team is looking for Post-7721 volunteers to be members of the Ritual Team.

Some of the duties of the Ritual Team are: Color Guards, Parades, Folding Flag of the United States & Meaning of each 13 folds, Honors Rifle Team Salutes, Memorials, Funerals, Pre-senting a Wreath, Retiring Colors, and Bugler Sounding of Taps to name a few.

Volunteers will be trained, before performing in any ceremony, by skilled VFW’s Post-7721 Trainers, who have been taught formally, by their different military services according to FM 3-21.5 Military Drill & Ceremony and within the VFW’s Congressional Charter By-Laws Manual of Procedure Ritual.

The Post-721 Ritual Team Captain is: Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) James Burch [Special Forces Group (AIRBORNE)]. The NCOIC’S are J.B. Holmes (Air Force) for Folding Flag of the United States, and Bob Alasevich (Air Force & Marine) for Honors Rifle Team Salutes.

If you would like to volunteer to be part of Post-7721 Ritual Team, please inform myself or any of the Post-7721 Leadership.

My Home Phone: (239) 348-8641, and Home Email:

Remember, “Ritual Team, service is the essence of greatness. All great men and women became great because they gave their talent, ability, and time in the service of others.”

Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) James R. Burch, MBA 19th Special Forces Group (AIRBORNE)
Ritual Team Captain & Trustee
VFW’s Post-7721
Naples, FL 34119

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